The iconic paper lantern and its distinct aesthetic appeal are significant factors in the resurgence of interest in lantern-style lighting fixtures. When the Chinese invented the giant paper lantern, the Japanese refined it and spread it worldwide!

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, many of us are looking for new ways to enjoy the sights and sounds of the summer and months to come. Of course, this means that you’ll spend a lot of time relaxing on your porch or balcony and admiring your lovely garden or modest courtyard from the comfort of your own home. Even if you prefer to spend quality time with your loved ones in the evening, or if you’re more of an all-nighter, outdoor lighting is an essential aspect of this attractive and entertaining space. There is no better way to set the ambiance than by decorating with beautiful paper lanterns.

How to use paper lanterns to spruce up your outdoor space

  • String lights along your yard or patio space’s fences, bollards, or a strategically positioned tree.
  • Make sure the lights are plugged into a reliable outlet within your home.
  • Use the ‘U’ clip in the middle of the lamp to hang it from the lights. It’s time to head outside and have some drinks with your friends.
  • Watch your friends’ reactions as the sun sets and switch up the display.

Choosing the right color and style

It’s possible to design any color blend you desire because there are so many options to pick from. Using rayon lanterns instead of paper lanterns will allow you to use them more frequently and for a wider range of events.

If you have them or can rent them, garland lights are simple to set up in your yard space since a lantern covers each bulb. Low-voltage devices are required for outdoor use. Indicator Lights in each bulb make them highly bright. Due to the lack of heat, there are no safety issues.

Even the ground can be good enough

For an outdoor lantern, it doesn’t have to be attached to an elaborate structure like the pergola. It works just as well when placed on the ground in a well-considered manner. When it comes to designing stunning poolscapes, this is the latest craze. It’s a concept based on the beautiful tropical destinations and resorts where poolside lanterns are almost a standard decoration. Even if you don’t live in a tropical area, the effect is still impressive, and the lanterns can be moved around to create a variety of different arrangements.


To make even the most commonplace setting into an idyllic retreat, outdoor lanterns can work their magical enchantment. This summer, with the popularity of “staycations,” you might want to consider transforming your small courtyard, porch, or even roof terrace into an exotic “getaway” that feels like its own little world. Add some plush seating and beautiful lanterns, and you’re ready to go with a tropical, Mediterranean, or Tuscan-inspired theme.