We recently went on the Carnival cruise ship the Dream, in which we got a very good price of less than $500 each for an unobstructed eighth-floor balcony room, departing from Galveston TX. Before the cruise, we had purchased an excursion that required a mask snorkel and water shoes. It is late September no one had their summer stuff out anymore. We looked all over Galveston for the water shoes with no luck but we did find the mask and snorkel at a dive shop, but they were made of some very precious alloy! Or the dive shop just wanted to keep them, due to the price they were trying to get for them. We drove north a bit and looked around south Houston, but again didn’t find any water shoes. After we boarded the cruise ship we found the water shoes but they only had her size so we decided to wear our tennis shoes to the excursion, it worked out well though as we were able to take off our shoes before getting in the waters of the blue holes anyway. That was a good trip and the food was fantastic.

Next, we stopped in Cozumel Mexico where we shopped for diamond jewelry at Diamonds International, they recognized some of her jewelry so immediately gave me a glass of champagne and moved me in the corner with the adding occasional shot of some very good Tequila, while of course, they worked on convincing her to upgrade the diamond in her wedding set to a very nice 2 carrot Crown of Light diamond (Crown of Light is a diamond cut with 92 facets). Since the cruise ships have not been running they were very hungry and prices were very low. We upgraded her wedding set with a very nice 2 caret Crown of light. What they didn’t know was that was our plan in the first place. They also feed us some very good nachos for free as we waited for them to make the old diamond into a neckless for her, the sentimental value of the course for free!

At the shop behind Diamonds International is the Maloney Diamond gallery where she found a very large Alexandrite diamond neckless. Alexandrite in large stones is getting very rare (most people will never even see an Alexandrite stone. They change color in the sunlight from deep red to deep green) she wanted the neckless bad but was good at hiding that from them. Again due to the cruise ships being shut down they were hungry and kept going down at an already exceptionally good price the price at the point where we couldn’t pass it up we agreed to purchases the neckless if they would remove one of the Alexandrite diamonds from the neckless and swap it with the diamond in a different ring she was wearing, giving her a ring and neckless of Alexandrite if they would it for free of course they agreed so we got more free champagne. Both of these shops were very clean people were very personable, knowledgeable and professional.

We also bought some bamboo sheets at a little shop there.

PS we have had the diamonds appraised and we paid around 2/3 of their value what a deal! Also, we love the sheets! We will buy more next trip.

If you have never been on a cruise, now is the time prices are half of what they were and we have not had a bad trip on any we have gone on. My only regret is we waited till we were older to take our first one! What fun we have missed.