A tedious recognition used to be attached to indoor cycling, but thanks to technology, that’s no longer the case. To spend hours on a turbo trainer, listening to psychedelic rock while staring at a wall to achieve some elusive fitness result seemed like madness. Smart indoor bike trainers have made it easier than ever before to bring your outdoor ride indoors.

In other words, what is a smart trainer exactly? What makes a smart bike trainer stand out from the rest is that it connects to your preferred virtual training app without the need for any additional gadgets or software.

First and foremost, there is entertainment

Having a smart trainer is the best way to keep your mind occupied, entertained, and perhaps even have a little fun. Pro engineers have put together a package that includes all you need to sync to an indoor cycling app.

As soon as you hook up your smart trainer to a platform like ROUVY, Zwift, or TrainerRoad—and we take that literally—you’ll be ready to bike. This means that what you see on the screen is precisely what your legs are going to experience at the same time as you see it. In addition, many indoor cycling apps allow you to train with friends, so you can still participate in a group ride even if the weather is terrible.

Input and Output

What if we told you that a smart trainer could help you stick to your training schedule more closely? It’s true; let’s look at an illustration.

Your smart trainer becomes more than just a piece of equipment once you’ve set your wattage goal and started working out. It becomes your new accountability companion or built-in guide.

Power Detection and Analysis

An indoor rider’s exertion can be measured and reported in watts using power measurement. Having these numbers available to those who train or are interested in training with power is a huge thing.

Two methods exist for determining one’s power output during a training ride. With a bike-mounted power meter, you can directly measure your pedaling power. On the other hand, you can use a smart trainer indoors to work out.


Using a smart trainer means that you can do a wide range of workouts with only one piece of technology. This is because smart bike trainers have the best selection of resistance levels.

Non-smart or essential trainers have a predetermined resistance level. There will always be a set level of resistance, regardless of how fast your wheel is spinning. Instead of a fixed resistance, a smart trainer provides a variable range of resistance. A more comprehensive range of options is available for those who want to spend more time in the seat.

This gives the rider more control over their experience because they have a more extensive range of resistance to work with than ever before.


Buying technology-dependent equipment raises the possibility that it will be quickly out of date. It’s easy to keep a smart trainer up-to-date with a simple software update.