The tiniest of modifications in the home can have a significant impact on its occupants. Changing the look of bookshelves is one example of this. Remodeling your bookshelves, sprucing them up with some colorful art, or layering in some of your most prized possessions may radically transform the look and feel of your rooms. That being said, it’s also one of the most challenging aspects of decorating. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a fast update, we’ve highlighted our favorite simple shelf-decorating ideas here.

Take a Horizontal Approach

There is a solid reason why library shelves are arranged vertically: it makes finding and removing books quick and uncomplicated. When it comes to books that don’t need to be constantly accessed, try stacking them horizontally. With vertical rows, they’ll give an added layer of interest and texture to your room.

Assemble In Full Color

Decorate your bookshelves with dazzling accessories, such as brightly colored books, sculptures, and flowers. With this method, you don’t have to paint or buy bright furniture to add color to your home. Create a coherent design using only two or three colors in your palette.

Add appliqués to make it your own

Create an eye-catching display of decorative items and books by artistically arranging your shelves. Before painting or staining, add a decorative appliqué to a simple bookshelf. This bookshelf decorating method is ideal for individuals who have a collection of treasures that ought to be shown in the home.

Think Flexible

It’s not all about sprucing up a bookshelf for the sake of it. The majority of individuals use them to store books, bins, and other knick-knacks. If you have low shelves, avoid cramming them full of books and other items. Make sure there isn’t a cluttered appearance by separating items.

When it comes to displaying and storing kitchen and dining utensils, bookshelves are an excellent alternative to limited cupboard space. For more practical items, we recommend putting them in closed cabinetry and putting your favorites on open shelves—either with books or just by themselves. Collections of glassware, silver, china, or sculptural vases are excellent options.

Incorporate Timeless Classics

In our opinion, there is no better way to create a feeling of history and a welcoming library feel to your house than with a collection of vintage books. Old-world charm can be fostered by collecting vintage encyclopedias, series, and reference books, as well as a collection of fine leather-bound fiction novels.

Decorate with flowers and plants

Adding a few potted plants to your shelves is a simple way to liven things up. Overgrown ivy, flowering blossoms, and feathery ferns: A wide range of floral arrangements can be used to brighten up a frame full of books and other decors.


Remodeling your bookshelf might be more challenging than it appears if you’ve ever had to deal with a bare bookshelf with stacks of books and pieces all around you. To design the perfect bookshelf, you need to think about how it will appear and work.