My wife and I just built a 12 foot by 24 foot steel building on a heated concrete slab. We played hell trying to get someone to pour the concrete slab even after we framed it in, leveled it and added the sand to get 4” we put the rebar in and ran all of the 5/8 oxygen barrier tubing and under the slab we placed 1 inch foam-board insulation. We finely found 2 people willing to help us work the slab after the truck delivered the concreate. We searched for 3 months for a concrete company to do the job. It took most of a day to get it nice and level I installed J bolts using 1/8th inch plywood prior to the pour as to anchor my posts. We waited for the next weekend and had the frame up in less time then it took to pour and work the concrete Why you ask because I pre tabbed the post and corners so we could screw the C- channel into place this made the framing a breeze. The next weekend we had all the exterior skin and ¾ inch blue foam-board insulation up and installed just my wife and myself. The casement windows and large French metal doors with windows in it were next. Colors are blue trim on grey

looks good on the outside yes? Now for the inside, we used 2 inch square pine to frame the inside walls and ceiling installed the wiring and then used knotty pine tongue and grove 4 inch wide and 8 foot long installed horizontally over more insulation.
I installed four 8 inch speakers and blue tooth receiver/amplifier that mounted in a standard switch box works very well and surprisingly sounds good. For air-conditioning we mounted a window heat and air combo unit as backup heat and clement control. The in slab we used a small 4 gallon water heater and pump system from Radiantec. INC I covered the plywood in black felt for astatic reasons


It took a while to fine toon the heating system but it works great the floor is staying around 70 degrees. We have painted the floor with grey epoxy shop floor paint that really changed the looks. I also installed a light sensor to control the outdoor lights automatically come on sunup and off when the sun goes down. We installed an inferred outdoor motion camera over the middle of the door with offsite video storage. Lastly we are looking to build our own cabinets starting as a shelving system then I will build a facing  system and floating panel doors as she wants a very custom cabinet assembly with wardrobe for exchanging summer with winter clothes as we live in a 40 foot fifth-wheel on 20 acres with a lake, pond, pool and hot tub. Next will be a shop, outdoor kitchen, storm seller, and house. As my brothers in arms will understand military retirement is always on time but doesn’t seem to go very far.