What helps you to drift off to sleep at night? Rain or ocean waves? If this is the case, you are not the only one. These noises have been scientifically demonstrated to have a calming effect on the brain. To get the benefits of water’s soothing sound, it only makes sense to incorporate it into many areas of your life, including your garden.

Installing garden fountains is a terrific way to bring the soothing sounds of running water into your outdoor space. A few suggestions and creativity may be needed, though, to avoid it looking like a “sore thumb.”

Choosing the Perfect Fountain Is Crucial

To decorate your yard with a fountain, you must first pick one that fits your location. The size, style, and pricing of the item must all be taken into consideration. Spend some time thinking about the function you want the fountain to do.

In other words, do you want your garden’s main attraction to be this feature? Consider a three-tiered option if you’re looking for something substantial. It’s wiser to go with a smaller, less flashy fountain when you’re looking to add some ambiance and sound rather than visual impact.

Adorn your garden fountain

This is a quick and simple way to give your fountain a facelift. As a result, you can choose from a wide variety of materials to round the floor of your fountain. In a vintage or contemporary setting, pebbles can be used to improve your fountain’s design, depending on how tactile you desire the design to be. You can make your fountain fit in with the rest of the terrain by adding broken shells to the area surrounding it. To prevent the material, you’ve chosen from overflowing into the rest of your yard, place borders around the fountain. Granite, bricks, marble, or acrylic bordering can hold seashells and pebbles around the fountain.

Add a Smattering of Class

Make a granite or marble fountain more attractive by painting it with a bright hue. It’s a no-brainer to decorate a marble fountain. If you choose, you can color the complete fountain bottom a vibrant or eye-catching shade, or you can stick to just the perimeter for a more elegant look. When painting outside, use a cinder block layer, followed by brickwork paint. Adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your granite or marble fountain is as simple as using Iberian slabs. Make the fountain’s perimeter stand out by decorating it with bright colors or elaborate patterns.

Nearby Seating

If so, do you want to appreciate the fountain without “standing around?” Seating could be added to the area if so. Adding a couple of benches will allow you to relax outside and read a book. Hammocks might be a great way to get even more rest.


A garden fountain, whether in the front or back yard, makes a focal point. But even the most beautiful fountains need a little help from time to time, so you may find yourself searching for methods to beautify your fountain to draw the eye out a little more.