It doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is; designing garden lounges, which are distinct places within the landscape, adds another layer of surprise. A feature like a pergola, shrub, or fencing can help you create special zones for different purposes. Plants that don’t usually go well together can be accommodated in garden spaces. They’ll all work just fine if you put them in other rooms.

Why Build a Garden Lounge?

Garden lounges may make your environment appear more expansive in an artistic way. When the area is completely open, your eyes can see it all at once. When the perspective is restricted, your viewpoint becomes more narrowed, and you see your garden in smaller parts.

As a bonus, creating separate lounges allows gardeners to try different color combinations or outfits without forming an overwhelming jumble of color. Having a tropical garden and a cottage garden in the same space does not necessitate that the plants compete for attention. Hardscaping or a few plants can unite different sections of the landscape.

Depending on the goal, garden rooms can be used for various purposes, such as a dining area, a play area, a contemplation area, or an edible garden. Seeing your garden as a home is one way to approach it. Think about how you’d like your home to look and how you’d like the various rooms to flow together. Outdoors, you can indulge in a lot more fantasy.

Getting Started

The lounge’s creation begins with its desired uses, whether to explore with color or to create a relaxing space for friends. Decide what you’ll be doing in the lounge before you enter. Make a mental inventory of the routes you already take in your yard. As a general rule, you don’t want to obstruct the main entrance, but you do want to redirect visitors so that they must turn the corner to locate the lounge.

Consider the views from both inside and outside the lounge, as well as from both perspectives. You can begin to think about the type of plant or structure that will serve as a divider once you know the purpose and the location.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to setting up the garden lounge.

  • What kind of flooring do you prefer?
  • Will there be a shade structure, eating area, fire pit, or water fountain in the lounge?
  • Before planting, there may be things like outdoor baths that need a spot before the plants can go in.
  • For example, do you need electricity to power lights, pumps, or other equipment in your home?


It’s easy to get carried away with the idea of building a personal getaway once you’ve created your first one. However, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the many choices you have to make. Gardening is a long-term process. You can always go back and change things if you so desire. If you don’t create a new favorite sitting spot, you’ll never get started. In addition, you may find that you devote more time to the garden now that you have a dedicated lounge area to relax in.