The automation of technological gadgets in your house is known as home automation. Remote control of these devices is possible since they are connected to the Internet.

For instance, a smart led light that you can toggle on and off using an app falls under the umbrella term “Internet of Things,” which encompasses a wide range of linked devices that are generally connected to the web. Home automation devices are all Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets that can be programmed to work together. So, although IoT refers to the devices, home automation refers to what you can do with IoT devices to make your life a little easier.

Each year, many more IoT devices are released into the marketplace. There are a variety of gadgets to choose from, and we’ve outlined what to look for.


Adjusting your lighting has never been easier or more customized than it is with IoT-enabled smart lights, one of the most cost-effective IoT devices available. Changing the color, dimming, scheduling, or even having them flicker to the rhythm of music is all possible with most smart lights.


It is possible to control the temperature of our homes from afar with smart thermostats, which saves us costs on air – conditioning.


Our house is much more secure now that we have installed smart locks. If we wanted to let someone in when we are out of town, we could either unlock them using the smartphone or give them a temporary passcode, which is safer than placing a key beneath the doormat.

Video Doorbells

Depending on the model you choose, your existing doorbell system may or may not be compatible with a video doorbell. If the camera or doorbell’s artificial intelligence capabilities allow it, you will be notified whenever motion is detected.

Security Camera

Using a mobile app, you can watch what’s going on at home, and you can also be alerted to motion or individuals based on the camera’s AI.

Security System

In modern smart security systems, sensors that detect movement, opening and closing of doors and windows, and broken glass are standard.


It is possible to ask a virtual assistant to raise the volume, lower the brightness, or change the channels.

Smart Speakers

To make use of voice assistants, smart speakers are a common starting point for a smart home setup.

Smart Displays

Smart displays, like smart speakers, have voice assistants built-in; the primary distinction is that they include screens and often cameras, providing more entertainment and video conferencing choices.

Medical care

Several WiFi-connected medical alert systems are available, several of which incorporate fall detection if you have a senior in your life who you’d like to care for and watch remotely.


With home automation, gadgets may communicate with one other so that you don’t have to control them manually through an application or voice assistant. It is possible to save money on heating, cooling, and energy by installing home automation systems.