Were you ever left with bloodshot eyes or goggle circles around your eyes as you emerged from the water after your swim session? There are a variety of goggles on the market, and each one is designed for a particular function and has a specific fit. So, how can you be sure which one is best for you, exactly? Are you wondering what kind of goggles you need for the pool?

The Fit

The seal of the goggles, not the strap, determines this. Make sure you try on your goggles before you buy them and check to see whether the vendor will give you a complete refund if they don’t fit.

Oval-shaped goggles with a silicone gasket seal are the most prevalent. Anything less than perfect suction will allow water to go in or be too tight and put unnecessary pressure on your body.

Make sure the goggles aren’t too broad, as they could leak water around the corners of your eyes.

To reduce drag in the water, competition-style goggles have a more streamlined shape. Since they are less customizable, finding the perfect fit before purchasing is critical.

The Convenience

Goggles that seal over your eyes but don’t fit over your nose can be pretty annoying. If your goggles’ nose pieces are too tight or rubbing against the bridge of your nose, try another pair on. Many goggles have an adjustable nosepiece.

When it comes to goggles, the strap has little to do with how well they seal, but it’s essential for keeping them in place. If you wear your goggles too tight, you’ll put additional pressure on your eyes.

Split strap goggles are better at keeping them in place, so if you plan to swim rapidly or turn swiftly in the water, go for split strap goggles.

The Sight

A UV shield and anti-fog coating are now standard features on nearly all goggles available on the market today. In most cases, prescription goggles can be made by the majority of manufacturers. The final consideration is the lens color. Here are the six most common:

  • Clear

This maximizes visibility in low-light and cloudy environments. Indoor-friendly.

  • Lilac

It was designed to provide the best contrast between objects and blue or green background. Indoor or outdoor use is possible.

  • Smoke

These are designed to minimize the amount of light that can get through. Swimming in the sun is the best way to enjoy this product.

  • Amber

These are designed to improve low-light vision and reduce glare at high light levels. Indoor or outdoor use is possible.

  • Blue

Allows a moderate amount of light into the eye while protecting the wearer from glare in bright weather. Indoor or outdoor use is possible.

  • Mirrored

A mirrored coating is applied to a tinted lens to minimize brilliance and glare. Outdoor-friendly.


It’s critical to make the right decision when it comes to your swimwear. In addition to allowing you to see underwater, these goggles also safeguard your vision.